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Useful Tips for Finding IP Address of Mac

An IP address is the unique number your computer is assigned to when it connects to the internet, and it aids in sending and receiving of messages. An IP address should be kept a secret since it can give somebody access to hack your computer or find you via geolocation data. In case you want to change your software or change IP address, you will have to find it on Mac. The following are some few steps for finding your IP address on Mac.

The first step to finding your IP address on Mac is understanding the difference between internal and external IP addresses; internal IP address is used within your home network while external IP address is assigned by your internet provider the first time you go online. MAC IP address is at a lesser risk of being hacked compared to your IP address, and this highlights one of the differences between MAC and IP addresses which you should understand. When you are looking to change IP address on Mac to protect your network, you should be focused on the IP address rather than Mac because it is your former that is at a higher risk of being hacked.

The method you use to find your external IP address on Mac will be dependent on how you are connected; whether you are connected via a router or directly to the modem. You can use special services to help you find your IP address in case you are connected via a router, although it becomes very easy to find it in case you are connected directly to a modem. In the case that you are connected to the modem via Ethernet cable, there are a few steps you can use to find your IP address on Mac.

If you want to know your local or internal IP address, you can easily handle it the same you would an external IP address if you are connected to a modem. You can also find your local IP address using ipconfig on Mac with terminal if you are connected to the internet through wireless terminal. Your router and all the other devices connected to your network are assigned different IP addresses that if put together results in a single external one.

In case you are browsing the internet with public Wi-Fi and you want to protect your sensitive data, the best way to do so is use VPN that will replace IP address with one of theirs. In case you are incurring challenges with your network, checking on its health is always a good idea even if you are using virtual private network. Discussed are the tips that will help you find your IP address on Mac.

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